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Sbarro Loyalty Card T&C's


Effective from 1st November 2022 


1. To collect stamps for a purchase, customers must present their loyalty card at the till before payment. Failure to present the      loyalty card will result in the inability to claim stamps.


2. The loyalty scheme does not apply to online or mail order purchases.


3. Customers will receive one stamp for each transaction limited to a maximum of one per day.


4. Stamps will be awarded after any discounts have been applied to the purchase and will only be awarded on the final amount     paid.


5. If customers have collected stamps on a product that they later return for a refund, they must present their loyalty card at t      the time of the return, so that their stamp tally can be adjusted accordingly.


6. Goods purchased with a credit note / vouchers are not eligible for stamps.


7. Once a loyalty card has been completed, customers can earn the free item as stated on the card (only items stamped are          eligible).


8. The offer "Free 12” Pizza" refers to a maximum of one 12" NY Pizza from the menu or a 12” "create your own" pizza with a          maximum of 2 toppings.


9. Only one free item can be redeemed per customer, limited to 1 transaction per day.


10. The terms and conditions of the loyalty scheme, including the value of rewards, may be changed or altered by Sbarro UK.           Any changes will be displayed in-store and on the website.


11. Sbarro UK's decision in the exercise or interpretation of any of the terms and conditions shall be final and binding.


12. Any loyalty card that appears to be photocopied, counterfeit, illegible, stolen, defaced, damaged, or tampered with will be          invalid and retained by Sbarro UK.


13. Sbarro UK is not liable to replace lost, stolen, or damaged loyalty cards.


14. The loyalty card has no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash.

15. Sbarro UK retains ownership of all loyalty cards.


16. By presenting a loyalty card for a stamp, customers agree to accept these terms and their interpretation.


17. The loyalty card is only valid at Sbarro outlets in the UK.


18. Customers can obtain a loyalty card free of charge at any Sbarro outlet in the UK.


19. Only one fully stamped card can be redeemed per customer per day.


20. Loyalty cards may not be sold, exchanged, or used for any other purpose except as specified in these terms.


21. Loyalty cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer and may only be redeemed once.


22. Sbarro UK reserves the right to terminate or suspend the loyalty scheme at any time. Details of any such termination or suspension will be displayed in-store and on the website.


23. Customers may complete and redeem any older versions of our loyalty cards until 1st May 2024, during a grace period. After this date, these cards will no longer be considered valid or accepted.

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